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    Unlock iPhone using IMEI number via iTunes

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    We are simply not interested in paying some bucks to the unlocked devices from the Apple as you can unlock them later through different methods. One of the methods which is extensively being used by users to unlock the device is through jailbreaking. Recently a new method has been introduced for unlocking the iPhone. This method uses the IMEI code of your device and is valid for any iPhone model no matter what baseband it is on.

    Well the process is not new as you can send your iMEI code to the cimpany and receives the unlock code from them but the new part is that you can do it now using iTunes. The process is slightly different. You will connect your device to your PC machine and the iTunes will automatically read the IMEI code and will send it to the activation center of Apple. That server then checks the NCK database which stores information on every iPhone that was ever produced.

    This is used to determine if your device is eligible for unlockng or not. If you are eligible then your status will be received by iTunes and your unlock will start automatically.  This is simple and once you perform a full restore on your device then you have to repeat the processes again in the same manner to get your device unlocked.

    Musclenerd, one of the key members of the iPhone Dev team said about this in his blog: “@drgonzo they’re not using a hack. They’re using actual access to the Apple database (which is why the unlock happens through iTunes)”

    There is a certain risk as well as this is not free. You have to pay between US$160 to US$199 for unlock and this amount shows the risk in it. If your status is changed at any point of time then your money is drowned and you have to pay the facilitating company again for unlock. One thing more, do not forget to be aware of getting the offer at cheaper prices.

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