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    Samsung Bada Open Source in 2012

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    Samsung, South Korean based company is the World’s largest electronics company based on revenue and the Samsung products come in every range and fits every pocket size. The hardware of the company is the real revenue generating machine though it has also some software sector which is not that much efficient for Samsung. yes we are talking about the Bada operating system, it is not that much strong to power the most awesome devices of Samsung like galaxy tablet series and Samsung has to depend on Android. Reports say that Samsung is planning to make Bada Open Source in the coming year.

    Samsung has managed to come in the top running companies in the mobile phone industries. In the market of Mobile phones, Samsung is on the second number after Apple and it has surpassed the long time leader Nokia in the previous years. This open sourcing Bada operating system will help Samsung to maintain its momentum in the market of smartphones.

    Apple and Samsung have been taking each other to courts lately and the cold war has become hotter. Apple alleged Samsung that it has copied many of the Apple’s product in design. Contrarily Samsung launched counter suits against Apple company violated wireless-technology patents which was held by Samsung. Samsung has recently banned the iPhone 5 release in its native country, South Korea.

    When Samsung is among rivals it is the right decision to let the external developers develop the Bada operating system. Same was the route taken by Google and Android is now almost the most used operating system in the world of smartphones. Company is planning to attract the number of highly technical developers to come in light and get exposure, The new Apps will be developed for the operating system and will give a new life to the operating system.

    Bada was launched in 2009 and it only made to the cheaper phones of Samsung. No statistics are there which let us know about how much revenue Samsung generate from Bada powered phones and Android powered phones but I bet almost everyone knows the answer.

    Another very logical decision taken by Bada so far is that it is coming to the smart television. The operating system which is currently used in the televisions of Samsung is proprietary OS but a television with Bada Operating system will unify the mobile and TV experience. This strategy will help Samsung to get Bada a sheer visibility in the market.

    Recently Samsung has launched 11.6 inch tablet which is powered by Microsoft Windows operating system which is a clue that Samsung is planning to lessen its reliability on Google’s Android OS. This out sourcing Bada operating system is also another Pebble in the jar. Samsung’s tablet market is totally dependent on Android and Google/Motorola deal has some what threatened Samsung.
    What do you think about this out sourcing of Bada operating system? Will Bada operating system make itself visible in the market? We are very interesting in knowing your view and for more news on Bada operating system, stay tuned.

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