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    Recover the deleted emails from Outlook.com

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    How to Recover the deleted emails items from Outlook.com

    The world has been very fast lately and the internet and technology has made lives easier. Emails are the only source of the communication that is being used in almost every discipline of life and on the daily basis there are trillions of emails being sent from one account to another. Obviously in the world of emails there are some junk emails which are supposed to be in the trash bin or you don’t need them but on the other hand there are some emails which are very necessary and you just cannot afford them to lose. What if you accidentally lose them?

    There are certain features which are being provided by the email service providers. One of the most salient features these days is the large amount of data that you can use for your emails. This thing has almost ruled out the option to delete the emails. Important emails must be archived before you accidentally lose them but still if you have done so, through this guide you will be able to recover them.

    Outlook.com is one of the largest email services worldwide and we are here to tell you how to recover the lost emails from an outlook account.

    Follow the simple step by step process:

    1. Log in to your outlook account.
    2. You will see a section of Deleted folders on the left side of the pane.
    3. If you see at the bottom, there is a message which says: “Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring as many as we can. Learn More”
    4. In this message, the words “recover deleted messages” have a link inside or are clickable.
    5. Click on that and get your deleted emails recovered.
    6. This process will take a certain time and in the end you will be able to see some of your deleted emails back into your inbox.

    Now there is couple of things that you might can observe.

    1. You see some of the deleted emails in the account but not all of them. There are chances that you have recovered the one you needed the most. If this is the case, there is nothing to do with your account settings as some of the emails are recovered. Those which are not recovered are permanently deleted. You cannot do anything about them
    2. If none of them are recovered then there can be a problem with the account settings and you can change them. Here is what you have to do.
    • Go to the SETTINGS icon in your account. You will see an option with “More Mail Settings”, click on that.
    • There will be a an option with Customizing outlook and it will have further sub options. From those option, click on the Advanced privacy setting. (It is the first one normally).
    • In this setting pane, you will see some options. Under Deleted messages, there will be a radio button saying “Let me recover deleted messages”. Make sure that button is on.
    • Once you have made it on, then hit save.

    Now upon performing the first steps to recover deleted emails will help though you would not be able to recover the deleted emails.

    In a Email recover diagram you can understand easily:

    The suggestion is that after you have recovered your emails, move the important emails from the folder of deleted messages to some where safe where you can easily access them later. Archiving them is also a good option.

    Another thing which I must mention here is that you must not wait for any bad day, if you happen to see this, go through the process and check if your option of recovering deleted messages is enabled or not because you never when there is a bad time for you in future.

    This is how you can recover all those important emails that you might have accidentally lost. Write us back about this article if it helped you in any way. Feel free to ask any questions and stay tuned for more.

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