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    Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone Using WindowBreak Untethered Jailbreak Tool

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    Jailbreaking Windows mobile phones were not that easy and cost free till today. From now onward jailbreaking is far more quicker and free for everybody. We hear a lot about jailbreaking techniques and tools for Apple devices and find that the same for Windows OS are not that easily available. Although jailbreaking windows phones are comparatively less hectic and least tiring when compared to Apple devices.

    Tools are available for such purpose but they are not free. Here is the great news, today a guy at windowsPhoneHacker with his genius technique, makes it super easy and free for everyone.

    Interestingly, the credit for such geniussness is shared by this guy not for the first time. If we read his history he has already won hearts earlier with unlocking for handsets on Samsung phone simply just by taking advantage of vulnerability in the Zipview application.

    So if you have a windows operating system on your device and looking for a jailbreak, enjoy this Windowsbreak project specially for the HTC and Nokia phones. Also, here is a tutorial for  jailbreaking the Samsung Windows mobile phone. Follow, following simple steps

    1. Open internet explorer and  go to


    2. Choose WindowsBreak Me and enter diagonatic menue by typing ##634# in the Dialer.

    3. Type  *#9908# to open GPRS menue, find the copied WindowsBreak in the folder to save it.
    4. Reboot and you have successfully jailbroken your device and its unlocked for free use. Enjoy !

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