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    Is Apple iPhone 4s worth buying?

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    iPhone as we all know is the biggest and most sold product that has ever existed in the world of technology and Apple, the iPhone maker is no doubt the most powerful company of the world. Apple iPhone has not got a long history it is just 4 years old and a new version iPhone 5 is expected to hit the shelves sooner, probably by the end of this month. Obviously the new generation will be having coolest features from its predecessor iPhone and many are desperately waiting for upgrade? Is it a right time to upgrade your iPhone? Let’s have a look in some aspects.

    The gap between the two generations is more than a year which has created hype among the fans who have been waiting for the new phone. Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have a bigger display screen. iPhone 4 has the ideal screen size and dimensions for one to hold in hand and to put in pocket easily. The bigger version will not be that handy as compared to the predecessor. Users want comfortable use with the device as well because we have to use it when we are on a move and bigger set is just not that feasible.

    They say it will be having an enhanced camera probably of 8 mega pixels, well that may attract a number of users but in many opinions 5 mega pixels are more than enough to be in a smartphone which can record a video at higher resolution, If you need more in that photography and video stuff, there is a huge market of digital cameras. Thus only 8megapixel is not as worthy feature to put such a great burden on one’s pocket.

    The only feature so far which will convince the minds to upgrade is the battery timing if it is enhanced, Chances are less of this to be true. The speed of the new processor is not that much necessary as the battery timing, If Apple announces a good battery technology, then those who want to go for the update worth it but this is one does not seems to be coming.

    Among the other features are iOS 5 which will be available for the previous version iPhones for upgrade sooner or later so why hurry when you are getting a same thing but a bit late. Once you have the iOS on the iPhone 4, all those cool features which have been discussed a lot and crated a hype will automatically be coming our way. These features includeas a deep integration of twitter, iCloud and iMessaging.

    Thus it can be included that Apple iPhone 5 must bring something very extra ordinary so as to set a record sale. Experts do not think that this is the right time to upgrade, but surely a number and a huge number of users will do so. Are you going to upgrade? Have you decided an iPhone 5 for your fall shopping? We are very keen in knowing your interests. For more news, keep visiting us.

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