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    Is 2013 Year of the Linux Gaming?

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    Every year there seems to be a beating of the drums and a loud proclamation that it will finally be the year that Linux gaming walks in the sun. Will 2013 prove to be the year? There are indications that tremendous strides are being made to mainstream Linux soon. Many of the stumbling blocks have been removed that proved a barrier in years past.

    The Major Indicators

    Things don’t seem too promising if you focus on the brick walls that Linux has run into in recent times. The Epic Games fiasco and Software companies are becoming disinterested in Linux and the complete fall of Linux Game Publishing. The optimists shrug it off as business as usual. It’s difficult to convert people to a new way of gaming. Through it all, each year still holds more promise than the one before.

    Things to Look for in 2013

    - Valve continues to expand into Linux efforts and their Linux Beta opened up to anyone in December of 2012.This enables people that have a Steam account to gain access to the Steam Linux Client. Valve Software is planning to bring their most popular titles to Linux, such as Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Work is steadily being done on both the Linux client and Source Engine.

    - Same day Linux support and new Valve titles are always waiting in the wings. Valve is heading the charge into the future of Linux. Let’s hope 2013 is the year for the floodgates to open.

    - A real next generation Linux Console for the home that revolves around Steam will be a big hit. It’s got to be the most exciting advance for the New Year. It’s the one thing that will provide the potential for real growth with Linux.

    - December marked a milestone with the first shipment of Unreal Engine 3 on Linux. There is a very real possibility of seeing more Linux based games powered by the Unreal Engine 3 by Epic Games.

    - Unity 4 game engine began being ported to Linux

    - Torque 3D game engine began being ported to Linux

    - Humble Indie Bundles that always make millions of dollars.

    The Rush to Linux

    Game developers like Egosoft and THQ are following in the footsteps of Valve and coming to Linux. It’s possible that you could see Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version on Linux this year. The line is getting longer every day.

    Electronic Arts seems to be stalled out from mid-management level up on jumping the Linux bandwagon. There probably won’t be any positive moves from them for the rest of the year. The development of free titles for Linux is progressing with games like O.A.D., Xonotic and Unvanquished.

    Kickstarter backed games like Wasteland 2 are seeking Linux. The Android based console OUYA and Blizzard Linux are up to bat. All in all its lining up to be an amazing year.

    Technical improvements are finally being made with Linux that will help propel it into notoriety. To make it viable in the desktop changes have to be made on the open source and NVIDIA/AMD drivers, window managers and PulseAudio. True conversion will follow if the operation of Linux is smooth.

    Explosive growth in Linux gaming is certainly the thing to watch out for in 2013. The wheels have been set in motion to make it a banner year for improvements and usage.

    Author Bio: The article is drawn by Jason Phillips. He is a very dedicated writer and written several times on the topics related to video games. Recently wrote on Sniper Games 365.

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