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    iPhone Apple iOS 5 New Features

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    Most awaited latest version of iOS 5 has been announced. It includes a bundle of new features, a figure crossing 200 in numbers. Prominent features of iOS 5 include applications like group messaging , photo editing and most importantly icloud integrations. Although the beta version is not yet available and is expected to be released in fall this year. Lets have a quick review of client features of iOS 5 in subsequent paragraphs

    1. iOS 5 Notification Center

    With the release of iOS 5 a Notification Center has been added to personalize the feed display as per user desires. This feed could be in the form of weather updates , Stock market , emails and social networks freinds request etc.

    2. iOS 5 iMessage

    iOS 5 includes iMessaging which enables users to send countless messages to other users and also to stay updated with others response like wether they have read it , they are typing reply etc. More effective and user friendly in terms of contact sharing, group messaging, videos and photos and other sharing.

    3. Apple iOS 5 Newsstand

    iOS 5 is decorated with additional feature of Newsstand to collect and arrange in orderly fashion, all your magazines and newspaper subscriptions. It will manage all such updates and will keep a track of them so that they are delivered in time.

    4. Apple iOS 5 Reminders

    iOS 5 ‘s To do list application includes options to manage all your reminders location based. So that you will be reminded automatically what tasks are pending to which specific place and you never miss them.

    5. Apple iOS 5 Twitter Integration

    iOS 5 Deep Twitter Integration helps you find your freinds easily on twitter just by typing the name and you can directly tweet from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or maps.

    6. Apple iOS 5 Camera and Photos

    iOS 5 further enhances your camera and enables its excess directly from lock screen. Improved photo editing tools in its photo editing applications make it easier to crop, rotate or even to remove the red eye defeats in photos. More over, grid lines, single tap focus and exposure locks, volume up button are just like any other digital camera making it more convenient in usage.

    7. Apple iOS 5 Safari Reading List

    iOS 5 Safari helps you read all your article you save to read on a later stage with a better management using iCloud. All such data will be forwarded to your other iOS devices and and will be saves in a queue.

    8. Apple iOS 5 Other Feature


    • iOS5 makes it PC free and you are no more PC dependent to download applications. icloud enables you to download all the applications without the excess of PC.2.
    • iOS 5 Calender has been upgraded to yearly view
    • iOS5 Gaming is further enriched with recommendations and profile pictures.
    • iOS 5 Wi-Fi Sync automatically automatically back ups any new media to iPhones every time you connect it to a power source so be carefree for any data loss.
    • iOS 5 Video Mirroring enables you to Stream all your video data to your Apple TV from your iPhone.
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