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    iPhone 5 Release Date

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    Apple iPhone has always been an anticipation for the Apple consumers in the entire world and people from all over the world keep looking for the new products and new upgrades rolled in by Apple. From few months, the new generation on Apple iPhone that is iPhone 5 (5th generation of iOS) has been rumored. No one knows anything about its date for sure but rumors have been circulating around.

    We earlier posted that Sprint, Apple’s carrier in US had previously cancelled the leaves of all the employees of Sprint stores due to an expected launch of a Phone. The 15 days in which employees were not allowed to take any leave were from 30 september from 15th october. The expected date for the release due to this news was october 7 as it looked so from the news. Surity of any of the final date is not there, we will exactly know by the press conference by Apple.

    In this rumors series, there comes a news according to which the new release date for the iPhoe 5 is 15th october. The CEO of France telecom said that the new generation of iOS, iPhone 5 will debut on october 15. Stephane Richard, CEO of France telecom noted that he already had gotten the inside scoop about the iPhone’s launch date.

    “If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October,” said Richard.

    A new thing which every one has to consider that if the new date i.e 15th october is correct then date lands on a saturday and if we review the release dtes by Apple, it becomes atypical of Apple. Inly iPad was released on Saturday because Apple prefers making everyone skive off work to go and queue up outside its doors to be among the first to get the new device.

    Another school of thought comes into mind that probably Apple release the iPhone 5 in 7th october in US and then releases for the whole world after a week on 15th. that can also be a possibility but who knows with certanity. If 15th october is the correct date then Apple’e official press conference for the release must be near. Being the date on saturday makes many beleive that it is till a rumor but almost every one is convinced about the release of Apple iPhone 5 in october, whatever the date may be.

    Beyond France telecom, recently China telecom has also mentioned that the new phone is going to hit the shelves next month. One of the biggest carriers n China has notified about the availabiity of iPhone 5 at one of theri stores and it has also mentioned that they are currently working on the ad formation and training to the employees who will be taking orders of the phone.

    All these stories do not confirm the exact date but the one thing for sure that Apple iPhone 5th generation will be unleashed in the coming month that is October. What do you thin, is it another pebble in the river of rumors or will iPhone hit the shelves on october 15th? Do let us know about ur views about this rumor mill.

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    Heather Touney

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