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    iPad 2 Lock Screen Password Bypass iOS 5

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    Recently another flaw has been discovered in iOS 5 which is basically a security breech. The flaw was discovered by 9tomac and was even demonstrated in a video. Any one access the last opened application using a magnet or smart cover when moved against the iPad 2’s pascode screen.

    How to unlock an iPad 2 using a smart cover:

    1.       Make slider to appear at the screen by holding down the power button.

    2.       Swing a magnet or close the iPad 2‘s smart cover around the screen rim.

    3.       Remove the smart cover or magnet and just after clicking the cancel button at the bottom of the screen you’ll entered in lastly opened application.

    It is basically a minor flaw but it becomes a big threat when an important application was run lastly and it can lead to misuse for both financial and information losses.

    How to Protect Against the iPad 2 Lock Screen Bypass:

    Just a simple step solves the problem and saves you from this trouble. You can access smart cover unlocking feature found in setting. Just hit off against iPad cover lock after entering into the general settings and its done. (Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock > Off.)

    Earlier a flaw was discovered in Siri which was an unintended behavior and actually wasnot a security flaw but theis one actually is. Even no one can access the data fully with the flaw in iPad 2 yet what application was lastly opened and how sensitive information it had, can be a serious threat when in wrong hands, just be cautious.

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