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    Growth of the iPhone as a gaming platform

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    The mobile phone has seen an evolution from its first break onto the scene. No longer is the device’s main feature about mobility and making calls whenever and wherever you want. Now, the mobile phone is all about how you can turn your phone into something more. Most recently, iPhone’s have become a second gaming console that allows for a virtual mobility of the big box consoles that are also available. Just why is this occurring? The following explains more about the growth of the iPhone as a gaming platform and why the trend is expected to continue.


    The iPhone is growing in its use as a game console because of the number of sales that it produces. Unlike gaming consoles, phones much more rapidly fly off the shelves and head to the consumer. The reason is that while not everyone may consider themselves as avid a gamer that it would be required to purchase a console, owning a phone is something that most individuals do.

    The untapped gamer, then, does not reach for the controller to play games but will be downloading them directly to the phone where they can enjoy the entertainment and fun of the gaming applications without needing a television or large screen to play. Game developers have taken notice, especially with the popularity of the iPhone, and provided these devices with a series of games and applications to draw them into the gaming world. This is partially based on the astonishing four-hundred million sales of iOS devices in a single year. It does not become a question of when to tap this gaming platform but how?

    Free Options

    Another reason that the iOS system of iPhones is becoming so popular is its ability to allow access at a small to low cost. While some game centers or game portals do require a purchase to join, many do not. This means that more individuals not only can download applications with their devices but actually gain information regarding them. They are able to see the titles and choose which to buy at no fee. The game center can serve as a link and may have different options on each. However, the accessibility is a huge advantage and publishers and developers are taking note. They are bombarding these platforms with more gaming options to ensure that they are being utilized.

    What About Android?

    Android, as a platform, still out performs iOS across platforms. But Android is not seeing the growth as a game console. Though this market is increasing as well, the iOS platform, and more specifically the iPhone is where the gaming console efforts are being place. The reason is because downloading of games on the Android devices is not as strong as on the iPhone. Many titles overlap one another but sales are consistently higher on the iOS system for apps and games than they are on Android.


    There is still that other popular option that could be used as a gaming console known as the computer. The PC outranks even iOS phones in their sales, but there is something different about this demographic that makes it less likely to be seen as an area for growth for games and gaming markets. The reason is that statistics and analysis show PC users are not likely to be purchasing for games. Sure, they may utilize a few games on the network but these are mainly through thirty party websites and not downloaded directly to the device on a consistent basis. So, while PC sales may continue to rise, it is the phone that has the most sales in the gaming demographic, making it a more appealing option.

    Author Byline: Jason Phillips has drawn this guest post. He is a freelance writer and writes for various websites and blogs. He joined the site www.truckgames365.com as an editor.

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