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    Useful Business Apps for iPhone Users

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    All modern day businesses make an attempt to reach out to their potential customers through the internet and over the phones. Considering the need of the present day users, iPhone has launched many business apps that are specifically meant for business people.

    You can revise documents in PowerPoint, iwork files, PDF documents, and other files before presenting a project in front of your boss. Apps like ‘Documents to Go Premium’ have been introduced for business purposes. With this mobile apps software, you could utilize your time smartly and get you were done efficiently. This app will cost you as less as $14.89.

    How to make your task simpler with mobile apps software?

    World Card is in great demand these days in the business world. You could add contacts in your address book easily using this card reader and scanner. All you need to do is place the business card on the screen. The reader will scan it and add it to the contact list. You could buy it at an affordable rate of $5.69.

    To enjoy simple and affordable credit card processing, you could download Credit Card Terminal at $0.99 only. Now, it has become much more convenient to accept credit card payments on your smartphones. You will receive the card receipts directly in your Inbox.

    How to find your iPhone if you lose it?

    You might be aware of Find My iPhone app. If your iPhone is misplaced or stolen, this app will help you locate your phone in no time. To make this application work on your Smartphone, you need to set up or activate it. The blue dot and map features will allow you to find your phone location easily.

    To connect traffic updates with your drivers, you could install a free GPS app, Waze. It will instruct the drivers about traffic congestions, road blocks, and accident spots. Not only this, the app is designed to help you find the shortest route to reach a destination. You could use Stay app as your travel guide in 120 or more cities.

    To turn your iPod or ipads into a phone, you could install Line2 app. You need to pay a few dollars to download this software. Many users have found it convenient and useful while travelling overseas. Some of the latest features offered by it include-

    • You can forward your call when you are offline
    • You can add about 20 people on a conference at a time
    • Caller ID, call waiting and call transfer features make it better over others

    Mile tracker software has received good scores by the users. It is efficient in keeping a track of mileage. Some of the latest benefits offered by it are mentioned below-

    • You could track unlimited number of vehicles at a time
    • You could easily organize your to-from list

    How to find young talents for your company?

    ‘Career builder for employees’ has proved to be the best app for employers. The software will help you to find most suitable candidates for your company. Once you register for an account in the Career Builder, resumes of different applicants will be displayed to you on your phone. These resumes will last as long as 7 days in your account. You could short list some candidates and save them to your folder. In this way, it will be easier for you to email or call them directly from your iPhone. When, the new applicants drop their resumes, you will receive a push notification on your handset.

    You could download LinkedIn to your iPhone to enjoy the below mentioned features-

    • It will allow you to receive updates with industry news feed
    • You could easily share content with your peers

    Author’s Bio:

    Noel Irwin writes a lot of articles on various technology related topics. He also likes to share information about new mobile apps software. Feel free to visit their website to learn more.

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