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    Best Freelance websites

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    Freelancing is something where everyone is heading to these days because the ease of work we get in free lancing is no where All you need to free lance is a computer and an internet connection and you can make money while sitting around your home and can work in whatever hours you are suitable with. For those who don’t have any idea about what really Freelancing is, let me tell you briefly about it.

    Freelancing is a common word that is used for the type of work which is being done by sitting home through your computer and to make some bucks out of it. Every kind of free lancing is being done these days like wed developing, data entry, content writing, SEO, Logo creation, accounting, software developing, graphic designing and the list goes on.

    Well If you are a free lancer and looking forward to create your own free lancing work, all you need to do is to join a circle of free lancers and contractors from where you can pick up any project and start doing it. There are hundreds of websites where you can access them but if you are new, you surely need to visit something worthy. This article is all about those websites which are considered to be the best sites in the world of Free Lancing. Here is the list.

    1. Elance

    This one takes the lead in my list of best free lancing websites due to certain reasons which are unparalleled. One of the most user friendly site has also number of maximum users which is the real plus. The site has more than 1.8 million registered contractors so you can imagine what kind of work one can look for. Another important factor that is around the web is about the payment method, every freelancer looks for something whose payment method legitimate and elance provides you work done payment guarantee. It verifies the user by sending a code to the person and through his cell phone number one has to verify it and thus the chances of being robbed are diminished. It is one of the most trusted website in freelancing world. All you have to do is to deliver results and get paid in result.


    This site makes it place in the list on the second number due to certain reasons. One of them is that on this site, you have very comfortable access and no difficulties. All you need to have is a PayPal account along with a computer with internet connection and you are free to free lance. It has high traffic and long lasting potential clients and contractors. One thing that you must need to consider is that you have to pay the taxes while using PayPal. For every 5$ work, you get $3.50 to S3.75 into your account.

    3. oDesk

    Third one on my list of best freelancing websites is oDesk and the reason is that on this site there is bid system. The contractor puts on the project and the willing freelancers bid the rate of the project and then contractor can chose out of all the bids that which freelancer should go for his work. Another reason of the site being on third number is that it has large amount of user and you get so mnay responses once you put on your project. If you are looking for the Freelancers, then you can have largest number of responses in minimum time.

    4. Guru

    The best part of this website is that it has very ease of access to look for work and both contractors and free lancers collaborate and come out with a unique kind of products. The owners in this case have to pay upfront for their project and once it is done, the amount is released to the freelancer. For work of development and design, Guru is one of the most recommended freelancing websites.

    5. FreeLancer

    One of the best and pioneers in the world of freelancing is this one. It is very popular among the free lancer because the trusted users are there as it is very old site. Getting started is the easiest one and if you are beginner, you must go for this one. There are millions of jobs online there, just pick your choice and start working. The only thing that is to be considered in case of Freelancer is that user can only bid on up to 10 projects per month.

    These are the top 5 websites in the world of Freelancing, you may have your preferences, we would love to know them. Feel free to ask any questions if there are any. Stay connected for more.

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