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    Why my Adsense Application got rejected?

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    Google Adsense is one of the major products of the search giant and many of the applicants have a problem that without any warning or notification and obviously with no certain reason, your application gets rejected. This thing by the company has disappointed many of the applicants but Google does not seem to be caring. Let’s have a look what common things applicants do which leads to the rejection.

    1) The very first and most basic thing you need to consider is that your content should be original. If you don’t put the original content or the editors of Adsense get to know about the fake content you are putting on your URL your application will be rejected. After rejecting your application you will receive an email which will let you know that you are putting false information or fake content.

    2) The main thing is that the name you use while signing up with Google Adsense must be same as the name on publisher’s website. If you fail to fulfill this rule of Adsense an email will be received in which you will be warned. If you don’t respond to that email you might lead to termination of your application.

    3) The name you have used while signing up with Google Adsense must match with the one who receives the payment. If the payee’s and the account holder’s credentials do not match then obviously Google is on liberty to reject your application. Any mistake in this area can terminate your account.

    4) The site you have filled the application for must be captivating and innovative. If your site is slow and having inadequate contents your Adsense application can be rejected. The age of your website also matters, say you had a website and then you forgot about it and after months you started putting content on it, this may lead to reject your application.

    5) The language of the content matters. The language your contents have must be present in the Google’s Directory. If you use inappropriate language on your blog you are on the verge of rejection. You cannot do anything once your account gets rejected so you have to be careful.

    6) Under constructed website also leads your application to rejection, If you had an Adsense application and you website is still under construction, Google will terminate your account. Only apply for the application when you have a smoothly running website or blog.

    7) You website must be well coordinated and smooth. You have links on your website and those links also direct the visitor to the other content of the site. If you fail to so this and your links are fake then your application can be rejected by the search giant.

    These are the things you might have not considered while blogging and in return you might have terminated your account. The moment you violate the rules defined by Google, your application gets rejected and you just cannot help it.

    Have you ever been rejected by the big G? Di this article help you realize the mistakes you have been making around? Any thing you want to add? Write us back with your opinions, interests and reviews. Stay connected for more news.

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    According to the rules of AdSense, publisher’s website whois details should be matching with the Payee Name that you mention during the application. If that doesn’t matches then AdSense team would clearly mention about this problem in the mail which that they communicate with you.

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